‘I have started ‘Time to Thrive Now’ to help you in ‘living life to the full’. We get one chance at life (that we know of). Let’s make the most of it! Like a plant in the garden, when we are in the right conditions we just burst into life. Unlike plants, we can get up and walk and do a lot to create those conditions for ourselves.

I find it sad that in our culture, working out how to make things better is something that often gets squeezed out of life and that it’s something we tend to do individually. My aim is to support people in making the connections that enable us to thrive. One of the most powerful and life-enhancing connections is ‘mutual support’. My courses, workshops and coaching make investing time and attention into ‘making the most of life’ a collaborative activity; one were we share ideas, inspiration and encouragement. And this website is set up as a space for people, whether you’ve been a course participant or ‘coachee’ or not, to use to provide mutual support through sharing your own stories, insights, signposting other resources, and encouraging and inspiring each.’

Esther Ridsdale, ‘Time to Thrive Now’ founder.

My story

I grew up on the edge of the mountains in Scotland. My most formative experiences were climbing over the garden fence and working with my brothers and other kids in the neighbourhood to create great adventures. When we worked together challenges that otherwise would have been scary became exciting, and opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible alone, or with just the 3 of us, became reality.

Sometimes we worked really well together. At other times one of the group became a bully and things soured. As children we weren’t very resourceful at dealing with this. As an adult, my passion is working on dealing with the situation as it is; making the most of the internal and external challenges and having my best go at the opportunities. Because, when the gang worked well, it really worked.

I have always experienced life as a rollercoaster. When the sun comes out my mood lifts. When it goes behind a cloud my mood flops. I can have huge energy and I can get very stuck. So I’ve learnt that I need to invest attention into life to maintain my own wellbeing. And, as I said before, I’ve learnt that it’s really worthwhile investing to make the most of opportunities out there too. And the best way I know is to share that journey with others as a fellow traveller; often stumbling, often dancing, and seeking to both enjoy the dance and contribute to the dance with others.

My experience

I teach teams and individuals to take strategic control of their work and/or life and to maximise their contribution, reduce stress and increase quality of life. I also teach adventurous and expedition skills. I have trained as a coach (International Coaching Federation accredited coach training programme), completed a certificate in counselling and qualified as a Human Systems Dynamics Practitioner. I have found this experience useful to me in my own life journey and draw on it in helping others along.