The first post is by Aleena Miles, a participant on one of the ‘Living Life to the Full Wellbeing Courses’ in 2017.


We all have many challenges. Life is one big challenge and that can make it exciting. In the near future I want to improve my relationships. If you have any good advice I am ‘all ears’.

The term self development may sound selfish but at some time or another we all wonder “What is this life all about? What am I here for?” After a long time and I arrived at this conclusion “To live as well as possible and to be the best ‘me’ that I can be.” Why do I think this? Well, if I can be a better person, I thought, it will not only improve my own life, but it will also improve the lives of everyone around me to. Everybody in my life will benefit, some in very small ways, and some in greater ways depending upon how much contact we have. In a dream-like scenario, imagine that if some,most or all the people in the world could become happier, healthier, and nicer to others, would that make the world a better place? I think so. This is justification enough for me to continue with self development. As in the words of a well known song “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”

I think there were (and are) many things about my thinking, behaviour, appearance, environment, relationships, and my life in general that really do need improvement. To encourage and to motivate myself further I find that it really helps if I sometimes look back and think about what I have already managed to do. During the last 2 or 3 years I have already experienced some success with this improvement physically, mentally and socially. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” said George Bernard Shaw.Self development is an extremely creative and worthwhileproject.

Some Successes so far:

I am now eating and drinking healthier. During April – October 2016 I lost 1 stone in weight, and retain a good size for my height and build. I maintain the habit of meditating and doing a little yoga (for about 10 minutes on each) most mornings to feel calmer, happier and to improve my posture. I genuinely feel mentally and physically better. Not only that, but since I ditched the alcohol I actually get better sleep and wake up nice and early. My home is starting to look much better. I am starting to make new friends. These are some of the bad daily habits that I changed.

2014 – 2017


Watching, Drinking and Eating the following :

Soap Opera addiction. I was utterly addicted. Unfortunately it became too tragically depressing – so I had to ditch this “mental and emotional pollution” – so out in the metaphorical dustbin it goes!

Wine nightly addiction.

Sweets and junk food addiction (eating between meals).


Considering: “My purpose in life”

Reading: 1or 2 pages each morning of Rhonda Byrne’s books.

Attending: group Meditation sessions and doing it at home too

Attending: Well being course with Esther Ridsdale.

Making: Fruit smoothies every day.

Trying: Social activities

Bouncing: doing 100 bounces on a rebounder before breakfast.

Stretching: a 10 minute Yoga session in the mornings called “Salute to the sun”.

Drinking: Green tea (mornings).




Future goals:

To improve family and work relationships. I need to think more before I speak, learn to defuse my hot temper to count to 10. Good advice about these issues is welcome!